Annual Peace Award Recipients

Peace Awards are presented annually at the NAEYC National Conference to an individual or group dedicated to creating a safe and healthy world for children. Below are the past recipients through 2020.

2020, Zoom

Amy O’Leary
Ana Page
Rodney West

2019, Memphis

Edgar Klugman

2018, Washington, D.C.

Jenny Yen

2017, Atlanta

Ellen Junn
Frances Carlson
Marilyn Shelton

2016, Los Angeles

Pat Dorman
NAEYC LGBT Interest Forum

2015, Dallas

Irene Lipshin
Bonnie Raines
Marilyn Pearce

2014, Dallas

Geralyn Bywater McLaughlin
Tony Palomba

2013, Washington, D.C.

Chris Lamm’s Legacy
Karel Kilimnik
Fran Roznowski

2012, Atlanta

Joyce Daniels
Susan Linn
Audrey Schirmer

2011, Orlando

Harvey Steiner
Sharon Davisson

2010, Anaheim

Amber Wallick
Mark Ginsberg

2009, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Alice Sterling Honig
Family of our founder, Peggy Schirmer

2008, Dallas

Karen Kosko
Diane Trister-Dodge
Docia Zavitkowsky

2007, Chicago

John Surr
Kate Donnelly and Clay Colt

2006, Atlanta

Chris Lamm

2005, Washington, D.C.

Lucy Stroock
Representative Dennis Kucinich

2004, Anaheim

Betty Burkes

2003, Chicago

Diane Levin
Bonne and Roger Neugebauer

2002, New York City

Kathy Thornburg
Peaceful Tomorrows

2001, Anaheim

Janey Gonzalez-Mena
“Toxic Crusaders” – Maria Perez, Nevada Dove, Fabiola Tostada

2000, Atlanta

Jane Davidson

1999, New Orleans

Peggy Schirmer

1998, Toronto – no award presented

1997, Anaheim

Sunny Wallick

1996, Dallas

Mary Daniels

1995, Washington, D.C.

Craig Simpson

1994, Denver

Peggy Schirmer

1993, Anaheim

Susie Pepper

1992, New Orleans

Louise Derman-Sparks
The Anti-Bias Task Force

1991, Denver

Ellen Galinsky
Lana Hostetler

1990, Washington, D.C.

Susan Hopkins
Jeffrey Winters

1989, Atlanta

Joan Lombardi

1988, Anaheim

Docia Zavitkowsky

1987, Chicago

Chicago Peace Museum

1986, Washington, D.C.

Bettye Caldwell

1985, New Orleans

Nancy Carlsson-Paige
Diane Levin

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