NAEYC – Past Seminars

In 1979, at the NAEYC Conference in Atlanta, Peggy Schirmer and others founded P.E.A.C.E. (Formerly C.E.A.S.E., 2014) as a network of parents, teachers and other concerned individuals dedicated to creating a safe world for children.

P.E.A.C.E. Workshops and Seminars at NAEYC

    • 1981 “Nuclear Radiation, Our Children’s Legacy”
    • 1983 “Nuclear Anxiety – Ways of Responding to Children’s Fear of the Bomb”
    • 1984 “Excellence in Peace Education: What Is It and How We Do It!”
    • 1985 “Children of the Nuclear Age. Can We be Proud of Our Response to Their Needs?”
    • 1986 “Star Wars, Stars , and The Future of Children”
    • 1987 “Peace: A Whole Family Issue”
    • 1988 “Working together to Discover Alternatives to War Play”
    • 1989 “How Are We Socializing our Children? – For Violence or for Caring and Empowerment?”
    • 1990 “Violent Media for Children: What’s in it for Them?”
    • 1991 “TV As a Socializing Agent in Gender, Power, and Violence”
    • 1992 “Exploring Messages of Race, Gender, and Class in Society.”
    • 1993 “Violence in our Schools: Understanding the Problem and What Teachers Can Do. Making Connections”
    • 1994 & 1995 “Listening to Understanding Violence: From the Voices of Youth”
    • 1996 “Overcoming Violence: Looking at History, Teaching Today, Transforming Tomorrow”
    • 1997 “Overcoming Violence: Rethinking Columbus & Other Myths of Race & Power in Early Childhood Education”
    • 1998 “Casting a Critical Eye: Racism and Social Injustice in ECE. The Teacher’s Role as Activist and Advocate”
    • 1999 “Early Childhood Educators as Activists”
    • 2000 “CEASE Forum Offers Support for Children, Families and Teachers to Meet Today’s Challenges”
    • 2001 “Children in Harm’s Way – Identifying Environmental Toxins that Threaten Children’s Health and Development”
    • 2002 “The Commercial Culture of Children”
    • 2003 “Teaching Young Children in Violent Times”
    • 2004 “Spare the Rod: Perspectives on Discipline”
    • 2005 “Putting Children First: Teachers and Parents Want a Department of Peace”
    • 2006 “Stop Stealing Childhood: Confronting Threats to Healthy Development and Learning”
    • 2007 “Children and War: Working Together to Counteract the Harm War Causes Children”
    • 2008 “Developing ‘Green’ and Socially Responsible Children: Voices for Creating Change”
    • 2009 “CEASE’s 30th Anniversary Seminar: Media On, Media Off – Ways to Promote Children’s Positive Development”
    • 2010 “Action for Citizenship: Nurturing children’s instincts for caring and empathy”
    • 2011 “How can preschools help before bullying begins: Removing discrimination toward Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) children and families before it starts”
    • 2012 “Urgent: Return Play to the lives of Children: A Participatory Session for Teachers”
    • 2013: “Empowering children to cultivate peacemaking and democratic skills”
    • 2014: “Sensitive Issues: Responses teachers need when children reveal realities experienced in their lives”
    • 2015: “Peace Education in Three Settings: Peace Camps, Pre-Service Teacher Training, and Children Recovering from Disasters.”
    • 2016:  “Enabling Young Children to Move toward Creating Peaceful Communities: A Peace Camp Model”
    • 2017: “That’s Not Fair! Cultivating Children’s Activism”
    • 2018: What will our next topic be? Join P.E.A.C.E. and help us decide! 
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