Peaceful Conflict Resolution Books for Children

Best Day of the Week, (1998) by Nancy Carlsson-Paige
Calvin and Angela are best friends, but find themselves in a conflict situation that escalates to name calling and putdowns.  They discover a way to resolve their conflict so that both of them are happy.
This book can be used as a curriculum guide for elementary school grades for conflict resolution.  Ages 4-8.

Enemy Pie (2000) by Derek Munson
A new boy in the neighborhood becomes Jeremy Ross’s Enemy Number One.  His Dad has a surefire way to get rid of enemies – Enemy Pie…but one of the ingredients is spending an entire day with the enemy.  Ages 4-8.

The Hunter and the Animals(1981) by Tomie de Paola
A wordless picture book about a hunter that wakes up early, dresses, gets his rifle, and heads to the forest to hunt.  While he takes a nap, the frightened forest animals remove his gun and ammunition pouch.  He awakens in the night, frightened, and soon the forest animals are bringing him food, and then returning his gun, which he breaks over his knee. Ages 4-8.

The Island of the Skogg (1993) Steven Kellogg
A boat of city-mice sail the seas looking for a peaceful place to live.  After being frightened by an unknown enemy, they discover how cooperation and compromise can bring about peace. Ages 4-10. 

It’s Mine (1996) by Leo Leoni
Three frogs bicker all day long, but when a storm arrives, they realize that they need to share to survive. Ages 3-8.

The Knight and the Dragon, (1998) by Tomie De Paola
A knight who has never fought a dragon and an equally inexperienced dragon prepare to meet each other in battle.  The ultimate result is a delightful cooperative enterprise. Ages 4-8.

Maggie and the Pirate(1979) by Ezra Jack Keats
A “pirate” steals Maggie’s cricket!  Maggie and her friends search until they find the pirate’s hideout but when the hideout disintegrates under her, her cricket drowns.  The pirate, who is a new child in the neighborhood, meets with the children and brings a new cricket to Maggie. This is a dramatically illustrated story of conflict and transformation. Ages 4-8.

Matthew and Tilly (1995) by Rebecca C. Jones
This book gives the reader a lovely glimpse of diversity, of urban living, and of peaceful problem solving.  Best friends, Matthew and Tilly, experience the emotional ups and downs of relationship as they quarrel and then reconcile.  Ages 4-8.

The Owl and the Woodpecker (2007) by Brian Wildsmith
Seemingly irreconcilable differences – the owl’s need to sleep and the woodpecker’s need to work during the day leads to a conflict that involves the entire woodland community. Ages 4-8.

Six Crows  (1988). by Leo Lionni,
Crows and a farmer quarrel over a wheat field.  Their conflict nearly causes the demise of the wheat until a wise owl helps them make peace. Ages 4-8.

Swimmy (1973) by  Leo Leoni
As is many of Leo Leoni’s books, this book shows how children can be themselves and care about others at the same time.  In this book little fish band together to protect themselves from their natural enemies. Ages 3-8.

What are Friends For?(1998) by Sally Grindley & Penny Dann
A heartwarming tale of a bear and a fox – best friends who learn that friendship includes both joys and challenges. Ages 3-8.

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