Relationships Books for Children

All the Places to Love, Patricia MacLachlan.(1994) Harper Collins, Publishers.
A young boy describes the favorite places that he shares with his family on his grandparents’ farm. When he was first born, his grandmother showed him the places to love, and his grandfather carved his name “on a rafter beside his name, grandmother’s name and the names of my papa and mama.” When his little sister is born the same ritual occurs, and he knows he will help show her all those wonderful places to love.

Grandma According to Me, Karen Magnuson Beil. (1992) Dell Publishing; New York.
A young girl tells about her grandmother from her perspective. She tells about cookie baking, piano playing, story telling – the granddaughter-grandmother bond from her experience.

Gullywasher /El chaparron torencial, Rising Moon Editors. (2004) Cooper Square Publ.
The beautiful artwork and tender vaquero storytelling will be enjoyed by both Hispanic and non-Hispanic readers.  Leticia and her grandfather begin a desert walk. At the little girl’s request, Abuelito tells her a tall tale that explains how he came to look as he does. Age 4-8.

Keepers, Jeri Hanel Watts and Felicia Marshall. (1997) Lee & Low Books, NY.
After Kenyon squanders the money he saved for his grandmother’s birthday present, he searches for another special gift. The present he makes for her is a treasured a gift of himself.

The Napping House, Audrey Wood. (1984) Harcourt, Inc., San Diego.
Grandma takes a nap on a grey, rainy day. Everyone else does too until a flea changes a sleepy day into an active one!

Now One Foot, Now the Other,  Tomie DePaola. (1981) Putnam, NY.
When his grandfather suffers a stroke, Bobby teaches him to walk, just as his grandfather had once taught him. The story tells of a loving, caring and respectful relationship between generations.

The Raft, Jim Lamarche. (2002) HarperCollins
Nicky is alarmed when he discovers that he is to spend the summer with his grandmother . . . “She doesn’t even have a TV!” Grandma gently guides Nicky to discover for himself the wonders of river life. He eventually develops an interest in drawing the wildlife he sees and thus grows closer to his artist grandmother. He experiences an inner peace nourished by the presence of the river and all its denizens.

Song and Dance Man, Karen Ackerman. (1989) Scholastic Inc. Caldecott Medal Award.
While Grandma cooks dinner, Grandpa, THE SONG and DANCE Man, takes his three grandchildren to the attic to enjoy his routines, memories and participate in the play. He did it in the days before TV!

A Walk in the Rain, Ursel Scheffler. (1984) G.P. Putnam’s Sons.
Josh loved rainy days. He goes for a walk in the rain with his grandmother, wearing his new rainwear, and together they discover all sorts of wonderful things outside in the rain.

When I Am Old with You, Angela Johnson. (1990) Orchard Books, New York.
An African-American child imagines being old with Grandaddy and joining him in such activities as playing cards all day, visiting the ocean, and eating bacon on the porch. A loving portrayal of the special grandparent-grandchild relationship.

When I Was Young in the Mountains, Cynthia Ryland. (2002). A Unicorn Paperback (Caldecott Honor Book/Reading Rainbow).
A young girl and her brother share memories of “When I was young in the
mountains…” that tell about the life and times shared with their grandmother and grandfather.

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