Selected Articles and Websites about Young Children’s Use of Screen Media

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, Alliance for Childhood, and Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment, Facing the Screen Dilemma:  Young Children, Technology, and Ealry Education,

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC),

CEASE (2009)  When Children See Scary and Violent Media [Transfer link from Articles page to here]

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Courage, M., Murphy, A., Goulding, S., Setliff, A. (2010)  When the television is on:  The impact of infant-directed video on 6- and 18- month-olds’ attention during toy play and on parent-infant interaction.  Infant Behavior and Development 33:  176-188.

Davisson, S.  (2009)  Alternatives to Screen Time [Transfer link from Articles page to here]

Elkind, D.  (November/December 2011)  What the future holds for young childrenExchange 33:6  50-52.

Healthy Media Choices, (accessed 7/13/12).

Kosko, K.  (2009)  Using Media Thoughtfully [Transfer link from Articles page to here]

Levin, D.  (2009) Too young to be a consumer:  The toll of commercial culture on the rights of childhood.  [[link to ], Exchange 32:3:  49-52.

Levin, D.  (2011) Beyond remote-controlled teaching and learning:  The special challenges of helping children construct knowledge todayExchange ??:?:  59-62.

Nielsen Company (2009) TV viewing among kids at an eight-year highhttp://blog.nielsenwire/media_entertainment/tv-viewing-among-kids-at-an-eight-year-high/

Surr, J. (2011) Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood [Transfer link from Articles page to here]

Surr, J.  (2012), Too many channels:  Sifting through the recommendations on screen media and technology, [link to]

Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment (TRUCE) (2009)  Toys, Play & Young Children Action Guide (accessed 5/2/12).

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Zero to Three (October/November 2001)  Babies, Toddlers, & the Media (Special Theme Issue) Zero to Three 22:2, pp. 4-41.

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