P.E.A.C.E. Project 2019: Creating a Classroom Community through the Integration of Art Media and Books

The P.E.A.C.E Projects is an initiative to sponsor and mentor Early Childhood Educators, in promoting Peace Education for young children in the classroom. We will feature more P.E.A.C.E Projects in the August Newsletter.

By Wendy Castro, Fullerton College Child Development & Educational Studies Laboratory School.

When children are working with art materials, they express themselves, communicate with others, and exchange ideas, leading to collaboration and social interactions. Allowing children to have freedom of expression through art allows children to express their thoughts and ideas about the world, love, peace, and coping with any traumatic experiences. Having a variety of different art media allows teachers to facilitate children in building relationships, communication, problem solving, emotional support and diversity.

The children in our class at the CDES Lab School at Fullerton College, have been interested in looking at the similarities and differences between themselves. We thought it was a great time to start introducing self-portraits. Children used black markers (“Thinking Pens”) and white card stock to sketch their facial features as they looked closely at themselves in the mirror. We are very thankful for your organization in providing opportunities to create a sense of peace for the children in our community.

“I have round, brown eyes and brown hair but my eyelashes and eyebrows are black.” -Sophie

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