Activism and Working for Peace Books for Children

The Day GoGo Went to Vote , Elilnor B. Sisulu (1999), Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
A child’s eyeview of a milestone in South African history.  Great Grandmother Gogo leaves the house with her granddaughter to travel to vote for the first time.

Granddaddy’s Gift, Margaree King Mitchell.(1997)BridgeWater Paperback.
It is set during the Civil Rights time when “colored” folks had to struggle for their rights to vote. When her grandfather registers to vote while living in segregated Mississippi, an African-American girl begins to understand why he insists that she attend school.

The Lotus Seed, Tatsuro Kiuchi. (1993) Harcourt Brace & Co.
A beautifully illustrated book set in the time of the Vietnam War. A child’s grandmother leaves her troubled land and immigrates to the U.S. She brings a lotus seed from her homeland. She explains “It is the flower of life and hope.”

Miss Tizzy, Libba Moore Gray. (1993) Simon & Schuste NY.
The eccentric Miss Tizzy, a beloved friend to all children in her neighborhood, needs their help in remaining happy when she is sick in bed.

My Grandpa and the Sea, Katherine Orr. (1990) Carolrhoda Books, Minneapolis.
When grandpa, a traditional fisherman, is forced from his livelihood because increasingly efficient technology has depleted his island’s supply of fish, he creates an ecologically sound solution by starting a seamoss farm.

Our Granny, Margaret Wild. (1993) Ticknor & Fields Books, N.Y.
Grannies come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of interests and activities, but our granny is special to us and we love her!

Uncle Jed’s Barbershop, Margaree King Mitchell. (1993) First Aladdin Paperbacks, NY.
Despite serious obstacles and setbacks Sarah Jean’s favorite Uncle Jed, the only black barber in the county, pursues his dream of saving enough money to open his own barbershop.

The Wednesday Surprise, Eve Bunting. (1989) Clarion Books, N.Y.
Wednesday nights are special times when Grandma stays with Anna. Every week they lug her heavy bag upstairs and spend the evening preparing a birthday surprise for Anna’s daddy. Finally the birthday arrives and imagine their delight when they share their surprise with the family!

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